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People receive information through various main stream medias, social medias, friends, co-workers, books, teachers, family, relatives, schools, films, entertainment, music and other outlets; but those are based on influence, bias, distortion, connection, manipulation, unfairness and related


People receive information through Equality Grid or Hulunfechi about anything in the world without the influence, bias, distortion, manipulation and third-party say of medias, friends, co-workers, books, teachers, schools, films, entertainment, music and other outlets


The business models and strategies designed in the world is to make the rich richer and the richer the richest

For example:

  • The advertisement & promotion muscle needed to penetrate the market allows only the few elites not support the poor or startup to start from scratch

  • Social medias and main stream medias and other outlets do support the rich or famous, or the celebrity or the prominent individuals to be more accessed, followed and celebrated but doesn’t have a business model or strategy for ordinary individuals or startups to be followed or to come to the spot light

  • In general, to get to the spotlight in the current business model is like to pass through the hole of a nuddle


Our Equality Grid or Hulunfechi business model and strategies are designed to make everybody equal regardless of status quo, background, age, sex, profession, religion, race, color, ideology, country, boundary and other factors

For example:

  • Once people are connected to our equality grid people and start to disseminate their information; opportunities and people will access them based on agendas not based on friends, connections, advertisements, promotions, biases and influences

  • Since in our Equality Grid people are accessed based on their agendas, substance, content, context or ideas; no matter who they are whether rich or poor, healthy or disabled, literate or illiterate, famous or ordinary; you will be accessed based on the subject matter, opportunity or other agendas you are dealing with

  • So, anyone in our Equality Grid the kid from a farmer in the remote village of Arbaminch will have 100% equal information access and dissemination to a kid in Taxes born from the richest man in the world, Elon Musk


With the presence of billions and billions of products, items and goods that are available at our disposal to choose from the riches make vital decisions based on consultancy, expensive information and available tools and instruments; whereas the poor and ordinary based their decision based on advertisements, friends, co-workers, relatives and colleagues which is subject to bias, influence, distortion and wrong decisions

So, in principle the world is becoming the worst place every second because of the reason more than 99.99% percent of the world population is wrongly making decisions which indirectly allows wrong products, services, goods, items, solutions and businesses to flourish and dominate the market regardless of quality, customer service, standards, affordability, transparency, accountability and check and balance


With the presence of billions and billions of products, items and goods that are available at our disposal to choose from whether it is rich or poor; people will make decision based on their list of requirement, selection and interest with independence, instantly, comfortably and justifiably through an array of various tools and platforms with the above functionalities and features that are available in our Equality Grid or Hulunfechi

So, in principle the world will become the best place in every second because of the reason that the majority of the people is making decision based on their requirements, interest, demand and specification which allows the right products, services, solutions, items, goods and businesses to flourish and dominate the market that directly increase competitiveness, transparency, quality, affordability, ownership, accountability and check and balance


In the current world system as explained above people are dependent on others which information to access, which decision to make and which choices to engage; which makes it a reality that in the 21st century people are like animals and indirectly and remotely controlled and triggered like gadgets how to think, feel and act in the foods they eat, in the clothes they wear, in the films they see, in the medias they follow, in the agendas they are interested with and other aspects of their day to day lives


With the presence of billions and billions of products, items and goods that are available In the new world system, which is through our Equality Grid or Hulunfechi; people have the mandate, option and tools to independent choices which information to receive, which information to disseminate, products or items to choose from, which choices to engage with and which decision to make based on their requirement, selection and interest free from any control, manipulation and bias

So in the 21st century our Equality Grid will liberate humanity from indirectly controlling business models, strategies and systems that have been adopted for so long and once again Ethiopia will be the country to lift humanity out of ancient slavery and now out of modern slavery


In the current world system, the dominating agendas are the very attractive, purposely designed and addictive videos, graphics, photos, clips, music, games, films and documentaries that continuously talk about rumors, drugs, differences, conflicts, advertisements, brands, promotions, wars, advertisements, sex, abuses, scandals, celebrities, famines, prominent personalities and related agendas; which makes it difficult to bring change to the lives of all people at the vital resources, expertise and knowhow is spent on agendas and subject matters that didn’t bring clean water, electricity, job opportunities, partnership and related matters to the world people


In the new world system, which is through our Equality Grid, the dominating agendas are on a simple text based genuine interaction that are purposely designed to bring more opportunities, revenues, engagements and options for people related to jobs, partnerships, internships, scholarships, funds, bids, exhibitions, events, investments, opportunities, seminars, announcements, conferences, case studies, findings, reports, experience sharing, new products and services, clients & market, knowledge, resource sharing, incentives, additional incomes, virtual jobs, workshops, competitions, call for proposals, policies, regulations, tariffs & pricing, import-export, rentals, purchases, sells, promotion, decisions, projects, contracts, corruption, talents, updates, donations, ideas, inventions, rewards, prizes, testimonies, complaints, customer service, polls, rating, every country, sector updates and information, etc.


Due to the availability of unlimited number of websites, social media profiles, billboards, advertisements, banners, brochures, main stream medias and various outlets; one can’t access the current word information, knowledge and wisdom in his/her life time due to the reason that there is no model, structure, strategy and approach to organize all those unlimited amount of information, knowledge and wisdom in to a grid that will be instantly accessed, equally, based on interest, fairly, comfortably and with a touch of a button

For example:

  • Your life time won’t be enough to find out all the information, knowledge and wisdom you need in the current business models like Google, Facebook, YouTube, websites, social medias, hard copy materials and other outlets because to access information from them the functionalities and features are based on exhaustive search, sharing from others, going to every websites & links with so much exhaustion, time wasting, makes life difficult, needs expertise, results are prioritized by advertisement and so much hassle and gaps just to find out something useful


The concept, business model, structure and organization of our Equality Grid is in such away that all the world information, knowledge and wisdom is partitioned by country, further by group type, further by platform type, further by category type and further by subcategory type when people give information and at the same time when people receive information; which makes it easy for somebody to access any information, knowledge and wisdom based on her/his interest instantly, with ease, free of cost, comfortably and equally

So, the era to spend days in search of information, knowledge and wisdom is over and at the same time the era for the accessibility of information that is so scattered and available in unlimited number of outlets will become connected through the hub of the Equality Grid

For example:

  • In Equality Grid people are subject to give information on a variety of structured and organized categories (like country, group, platform, category and sub category type) which makes it easy for people who will receive it as they have the capability to select the categories and agendas based on country interest, group interest, platform interest, category interest and sub category interest


Few countries including Australia, Russia, China, America, south Africa and the Middle East has over three fourth of the world’s proven oil, minerals and precious stones reserves and remains at the center of gravity in the global mineral and oil market.

In the same token nature gave Ethiopia and other considerable number of countries more precious resources like ancient places, indigenous wisdom, amazing tourist attractions, unique & miracle making religious & cultural destinations and both natural and historical attraction.

But the due to the current information, knowledge and business models, platform designs and approaches these countries fail to attract a huge number of virtual and physical tourists that could scale in the tenth of trillions of dollars and further foreign currency generator machine in every micro second.

For example, due to the current situation:

  • Even if the Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Muslim Mosque, catholic & protestant church and Miracles, historical, cultural & traditional, natural and various attractions under the Ministry of culture & Tourism is home to the most diversified, unique, gifted, enormous histories, wisdoms and extraordinary place of miracles; it is still struggling to promote, attract, convince and win the billions of the world population by using various modern technologies, creative strategies and long reaching grand plans.



Using our Equality and Resource Grid simulated platform (that is a virtual tour or resource guided simulation) we just need to activate this of our resources and other African and emerging countries in to a local and foreign currency generator machine in every micro second.

For example:

So the purpose of the Tourism virtual simulation application will be instrumental here in Ethiopia and abroad:

  • for the creation of billions of virtual visitors across the globe to our churches, mosques, attractions, miracles, ancient resources and heritages;

  • a reason for influx of huge tourists to Ethiopian churches, mosques and attractions from local and abroad;

  • a key instrument for the projection and the promotion of the historical and key heritage of the country

  • a vital strategy in the creation of millions of job opportunities for the public and

  • in general, to be a vital weapon in the creation of a generation that is vibrant, religious, disciplined, historically aware and truly great.


Because of the current information and technology and tourism platform and model; it became very difficult for the majority of the global population to virtually and physically tour every available tourism destination, scenes, miracles and extraordinary attraction on the face of the earth mainly on the following categories:

  • Spiritual Tourism

  • Agriculture Tourism

  • BioTech Tourism

  • Musical Tourism

  • Traditional Tourism

  • Holiday Tourism

  • Natural Attraction Tourism

  • Historical Tourism

  • Mining Tourism

  • And others

This is because of the fact that the world didn’t prepare a simple simulated, graphic and engaging common virtual tourism platform that will be used to instantly, with very minimal cost, conveniently and being at the comfort of our home or office to visit virtually any tourism destination on the face of the earth and other planet, if any, with a touch of a screen

Besides as we said repeatedly people base their decisions to even physically visit tourism destinations on the suggestion and recommendation of friends, co-workers, family, books, films, media and related which end up to be directly and indirectly controlled by the few global corporations, developed nations, powerful governments, elites and associated networks; which makes it very difficult to even know the vast, incredible and extraordinary destinations of the world in every remote locations of the earth

As a result, only some global tourism destinations and attractions are frequently being visited worldwide; which dramatically minimizes the rich experiences, satisfaction and fulfillment the world population could have gained if a simplified virtual resource and tourism simulated platform could have been accessible to the world people for so long

  • This in turn would have dramatically maximized in many folds the current tourism industry market globally.



With the successful launch and operation of the Equality Grid more specifically the Tourism or Resource Grid; every individual on earth will have a capability to virtually tour and experience any tourism attraction and destination on the face of the earth with a simple developed simulated, attractive, engaging and eye-catching virtual simulation tourism application that will be used across the Globe

Besides every country, owner of tourism attraction and other stakeholders can use our platform to instantly add their tourism destinations and attractions to our virtual tourism simulated app so that it will be accessible instantly by the world population; in doing so a huge number of countries and tourism destinations mostly from African and emerging countries would be able collect unprecedented local and foreign exchanges that will be instrumental to grow their countries in the shortest time frame.

Above all due to the increment of millions of intangible and tangible tourism attractions and destinations in the following categories around the world; the tourism industry would be dramatically accelerated due to the huge attention and interest it gets from the global population on the tourism destinations that were once assumed non-existent in the world let alone to virtually tour them instantly

  • Spiritual Tourism

  • Agriculture Tourism

  • BioTech Tourism

  • Musical Tourism

  • Traditional Tourism

  • Holiday Tourism

  • Natural Attraction Tourism

  • Historical Tourism

  • Mining Tourism

  • And others

For example:

In Ethiopia alone with the simulated virtual tourism application; it will be estimated to add more than 50,000 tourism destination and attractions mainly from the following owners:

  • Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church,

  • Muslim Mosque,

  • catholic & protestant church

  • miracle sites

  • historical natural and various attractions under the Ministry of culture & Tourism

  • ministry of agriculture

  • ministry of mines

  • ministry of health, etc


The current world economic model works best for the few who mostly are the rich, have vast network connections, owners and partners of the media, part of the elite group and capable to exert influence and power on the rest of the world

But due to the lack of economic model, concept, strategy and approach to make the majority of the world as active participant and fair beneficiary of the eco-system the majority of the people and startups continue to fail to make their way to the top of the ladder and at the same time the income inequality, marginalization and isolation of the majority of the people from the current capitalism and economic model continue to exist to date even with the ever increasing inflation, degraded quality of service, lack of competitiveness, lack of customer satisfaction, unaccountability, lack of ownership and transparency

For example:

  • That is why right now the top eight richest people on earth equally worth to the bottom 3.5 billion population



With the Equality Grid more specific to our Economic Grid a strategy, business model and approach is revised to make the majority of world people and startups as active participant and beneficiary of the capitalism and economic model

  • We will select a number of few competent products, services, goods, items, companies and business across the industries based on our evaluation and our members key requirements (in this case the people); then a contract will be signed with the selected brands across industries with various terms and conditions including quality, standard, price, transparency, accountability, ownership, commission, responsibilities and related parameters

  • Why would companies’ signup to our economic grid: Most innovative, affordable and quality products, services, items and goods don’t make it to the top position in the market due to the lack of level playing field in the current system; which justifies the case that most capable, creative and visionary businesses, firms, organizations and governments will join the cause and initiative of our Economic Grid initiative

  • Most businesses, firms, organizations and governments are subjected to huge operational costs, inefficiencies, unwanted promotional campaigns and few customer bases in an attempt to get the interest and loyalty of the people for their products, goods, items and services; which paves the way for them to easily join the cause of our Economic Grid initiative

  • Most businesses, firms, organizations and governments are tired of the current failed system by which most of the market is controlled using various connections, interest groups, behind deals, unchecked advertisements, unethical practices, addiction techniques, market manipulation, lack of independent verification and other wrong doings; which make it easy for them to fall in line with the initiative and cause of our Economic Grid

  • Most businesses, firms, organizations and governments lack the financial muscle, tricky strategies and the necessary support to comfortably enter in to the market and as a result they will be forced to exit the market after years of sacrifice, money injection, time spent and resources wasted; which makes it the case for them to undoubtfully join the cause of our Economic Grid

  • We will select millions and billions of people as our members (shareholders) based on few criteria whom are capable to either write, or read and or speak; then a contract will be signed with the selected people with various terms and conditions including responsibilities, transparency, ownership, productivity, activities, tasks, benefits, standards and related parameters. And the people or member or shareholders could be Kids, Students, Graduates, Professionals, Non-professionals, Investors, Employees, Elders, Mothers and fathers, And so on

  • Why would people signup to our economic grid: Almost all people are left out of the economic eco-system and every day that challenge continue to rise and become aggravated; which makes it easy for people to support the initiative and become member of our Economic Grid

  • Businesses, corporations, government and organizations for so long fail to embrace and fulfill the basic needs, necessities and requirements of the majority of people here at home and abroad; which makes it easy for them to be part of the initiative

  • People are now challenged with the ever-increasing inflation, low quality products and services, rising living standards, lack of jobs and meaningful opportunities and above all degraded life style and standards; which makes it easy to fall in line with the Economic Grid initiative

  • Most of the businesses, corporation, government and organizations like beer companies, telco companies, beverage companies, importers, financial institutions, manufacturing companies, government firms, various goods and items distributers and retailers and others main source of revenue collection is from the masses (the public); but those services are subjected to fraud, corruption, degraded quality, unfair competition, exaggerated prices, unethical practices and various wrong doings; which justifies to follow the footsteps of the Economic Grid

  • People now a days run out options to curb the ever-increasing challenges, obstacles and faced realities on the ground; so a solution to that respect, embrace and benefit them will attract a huge mass in to our Economic Grid

  • Most of the services that people will be able to give to the Economic Grid in exchange for various benefits doesn’t need huge commitment, sacrifice and physical presence like many work engagements


In the current capitalism and Economic model; there is no innovative business model, strategy, approach and technology that will guarantee the exchange of products, goods, items, services and solutions from the perspectives of the following parameters both for the corporate or business and the people or consumer:

  • Transparency,

  • Accountability

  • Responsibility

  • Service level agreement

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Quality of services

  • Standards,

  • Ownership

  • Competition

  • Inflation

  • Affordability

  • Consumer protection

  • Purchasing power

  • Check and balance

  • Control

  • Negotiation

  • Monitoring

  • Escalation

  • Tracking

  • Confidentiality

  • Privacy

  • Fairness

  • Inclusiveness

  • Verification

  • Credibility

  • Authentication

  • Understanding

  • Interaction

  • Insights

  • And others

So without the enablement and activation of the above parameters as a check and balance between the corporate and the consumer; then in many explanations most of the time the consumer is subjected to face with the following realities:

  • Degraded quality of services

  • Exaggerated prices

  • Lack of affordability

  • Full of complaints

  • Continuous abuse

  • Only will be based on advertisement and promotion

  • Follow unethical practice

  • Unchecked monopoly

  • Crossing red lines

  • Bypassing rules and regulations

  • Short term thinking

  • Rent seeking approach

  • Cause health problems

  • And a lot list of issues that are directly and indirectly seen



But with the newly crafted economic model, business approach, strategy and technology usage both corporate and consumers are subject to subscribe to their responsibilities, rights, obligations, terms and conditions through a contractual obligation that are subject to monitoring, evaluation, control, check and balance and taking action as well

Our Economic Grid will be responsible to do the followings:

  • Follow-up the contract with the companies and its members

  • Penalize both the companies and its members according to the contract

  • Reward both the companies and its members according to the contract

  • Maximize the number of customers or users in many folds to the companies

  • Get small commission from the share of each service, products and items of the companies or businesses

The corporate or businesses will be responsible to do the followings

  • Stick with the contract terms with the Economic Grid in terms of quality, price, standard, customer services and related terms and conditions

  • Will get additional millions of customers or users based on their capacity, products, services and items

  • Give discounted prices for those members or people with unique ID

  • Control the market in their respective industries in Ethiopia and beyond

The people or members to be joined in the Economic Grid will be responsible to give the following inputs as per the contract with the Economic Grid

What are the services and responsibilities that need to be accomplished by the people or members?

  • doing products and services’ survey,

  • responding to questionnaires,

  • doing advertisements & marketing and promotion,

  • giving recommendations & referrals

  • giving comments, doing visits, accomplishing user tests & trials

  • daily usage of the selected companies or businesses services and products

  • participating in a number of voting & rating and similar activities

  • giving various vital information with regards to the selected products, services and brands

  • giving proactive customer service report, and product and service gaps, testimonies, complaints and related requirements

What are the free shares & benefits that people get?

  • free shares from EG based on the contractual terms

  • free items, products & services

  • discounted services, items and products

  • Holiday gifts,

  • pocket money,

  • free trainings & certificates,

  • Part time or virtual jobs

  • Getting testimonies and recommendations from EG for various purposes

  • Based on activity and productivity to avail low cost & installment-based payment for houses, cars, items, refrigerators, mobile, goods, furniture and related

  • The ECONOMIC GRID will be a guarantee and insurance for such deals


With the current information and Communication technology business model and operation the global information and data isn’t structured, categorized, processed, prioritized, regulated and optimized so that people, company and government can have a certain protocol, procedure and structure on the way they receive information and disseminate information.

As a result and because of the critical gaps on the above business model and to fill that gap the world is forced to invest trillions of dollars annually for the purpose of directing, routing, searching, grouping, analyzing, optimizing, organizing, processing, storing, deleting, understanding, prioritizing, securing, defending, correcting and managing the world information and big data to bring it to the last mile users in an attempt to give them something meaningful, instant, simple, affordable, convenient, engaging and interesting

In the attempt to do the above operation; government, firms, businesses, operators, services providers, manufacturers, ICT companies and others continue to invest annually trillions of dollars in the areas of software, hardware, network, infrastructure, storage, computer, cloud, security, call center, data center, gadgets and other software and hard ware ICT equipment


With the complete execution of the Equality Grid or Hulunfechi Grid platforms’ business model and strategy every people and company or government on earth is able to give and receive information and data on a well-designed structure, categorization, process, priority and regulation. Accordingly, when a user wants to give information will follow the following structure starting from the big to the smallest such as continent type, country type, group type, platform type, category type and sub category type and at the same time when a user wants to receive information will have the option to select and filter based on the following structure and procedure type such as continent type, country type, group type, platform type, category type and sub category type

So by doing the above we made sure that all the world information and data is structured, categorized, processed, prioritized and regulated in the above ways; as a result of this new information and data model the world would need 1/100 times of the current ICT investment, expertise, resource, knowhow and complexity. This is because of the reality that it needs a simple expertise, budget and resource to direct, route, search, group, analyze, optimize, secure, organize, process, store, delete, understand, prioritize, defend, correct and manage the world information and big data to bring it to the last mile users to give them meaningful, instant, simple, affordable, convenient, engaging and interesting content

In the same token by achieving the above operation; government, firms, businesses, operators, services, providers, manufacturers, ICT companies and others would dramatically minimize in their investment and operation of software, hardware, network, infrastructure, storage, computer, cloud, security, call center, data center, gadgets and other software and hard ware ICT equipment


Because of the current business model and strategies in place many emerging countries including Africa failed to catch up with the most dominant economics, brands, technologies and businesses

The current business models and strategies only paves ways for the rich to be richer and the richer to be the richest; knowing this very truth emerging countries were supposed to follow new models and strategies rather than stick with the other dominant forces purposely designed strategies and approaches

To start with to bypass the dominant forces in the technology, economy and brands; one has to inject hundreds of billions and in some aspects trillion of dollars across every industry and businesses which makes it difficult and unrealistic to catch up with them

So it is a decided reality that to overturn such circumstances would be impossible and unrealistic for centuries to come


With the introduction and execution of the Equality Grid models and strategies emerging countries would only require very minimal investment, expertise and resources with a change of approach and journey


Right now, almost all of the human race is subject to a variety of diseases, illness, malnutrition, suffering, stress, death, hate, fear, unconfident, defocused, lack of faith & belief, anger, revenge, confusion, anxiety, conflict, discrimination, early ageing, killing, racism, a variety of negative emotions and all forms and types of separations across the world

As a result, the health industry is one of the biggest market in the world and the critical reason for making humans not to exercise their own internal health miracles and capabilities

Below are some the core reasons that continue to block humanity from liberation

  • Main stream media

  • Social medias

  • Friends and colleagues

  • Families and community

  • Teachers, academic institution and books

  • Culture, tradition and norms

  • Science and religion

  • Art and literature

  • Ethnicity, language, country and boundary

  • Service giving organization, businesses and government

  • Influential groups and celebrities

  • Politics and government

  • Advertisement and propaganda

  • Awards and recognitions

  • Awards and recognitions

  • Life style, wealth and economic status

  • Profession, innovation, jobs and skill

  • Wellbeing and health status

  • Sport, beauty and body shape

  • Gender and sex orientation

  • Technology, innovation, gaming and engineering solutions

The above are on the ground testimonies and justifications to show to humanity, the world and universe that the above listed causes can scientifically and quantitatively measure, (masterminded by the very elite, powerful, wealthy, intelligent and influential groups) as detailed and illustrated in the below analysis, every second, minute, hour, day, night and week the magnitude and percentage of human’s (per individual, per city, per race, per gender, per age, per religion, per profession, per color, per country, per continent, per world and other parameters) unconscious level vs consciousness level, liberation level vs slavery level, old programming level vs new true self programming level, wasted energy level vs efficiently used energy level, intention level vs random level, focus level vs non-focus level and enlightenment & fulfillment level vs non-enlightenment & fulfillment level.

Based on their non-stop measurement and analysis they can apply the right parameters and formulas to bring the measurement to their intended purpose and agenda which might vary time to time to address their specific and daily planned objectives and goals

So these groups instantly and automatically do have the ground reality, understanding, information and knowhow what every individual and human being in total are thinking, feeling, experiencing, acting and living as they are the owners of the remote control to trigger any action they plan that will directly turn on and off all individuals and human beings minds, hearts and bodies function to the required objective. These disclosures and developments clearly show that every human being on earth is subject to an external control and as a result people don’t have time, understanding, formula and wisdom to see themselves inside and execute whatever agendas, purpose and vision they have in their true self

Constant programming, primary source of information and dependence from main stream medias outlets that continue to decide how we think, choose, decide, feel, behave, experience and act; which become very difficult for us to attain our freedom, independence and find our true self for centuries

there is a widely held belief of humanity on the below lists that firmly bind and forced us to reconcile and without question to live with the problems and challenges in all aspects as if we can’t do anything about it

  • Almost a consensus is reached among people that the world is unfair place to live and there is nothing to do about it except to convince themselves that it is been created to act in such a fashion

  • Almost there is a consensus among the majority of humanity that our fate is already decided and there is nothing to do to change it rather to accept whatever the result is; because the assumption is it is already decided and our intervention is intangible to change the outcome

    • Most people across the world thought that being a victim to life, economy, work, life status, gender, language, history, color, profession, racism, culture, country and other identifications would pave a way for reward and blessing from God; which makes them not to do anything about it or work inward to change it

    • The majority of the people simply belief miracles and intervention will come from external environment rather neglecting the fact that all source of any happenings and miracles is within us

    • Amazingly most humanity agree that no one has brought any meaningful solution to the challenges and disasters we face until today; so there is a strong belief that there is no chance for me to bring a shift and change as well

    • Most people behave, act, choose and entertain (even if they believe it is wrong and not the right thing to do) in such a fashion that is intended to insincerely please their families, friends, co-workers, colleagues, bosses, societies, culture, tradition and various existing norms


With the introduction and application of the Equality Grid and more specifically the Humanity Grid to every corner of the world every human being will be able to find the highest level of creation formula, fulfill its purpose, reach enlightenment, perform miracles and extraordinary things, live a life of immortality or forever young, direct access to the quantum field (GOD or ALLAH or other supernatural power’s spirit), becoming more of energy and wave, connect to the vast energy of the universe to receive and give whatever is required and above all changes the trajectory and human history that have been filled with bad circumstances and sufferings for so long.

Overall, it will be an exceptional and truly innovative formula and instrument that is at the forefront of any corporate & government authority and power, embraced by the whole humanity and above all carrying the highest cause and meaning to solve the biggest chronic challenges of humanity that continue to exist until today. With almost no investment to be incurred, with very simple and profound idea and with a short time span of one and half month exercise and application period to ourselves; we are about to lay the foundation to bring practical and meaningful impact for millions and billions of people across the world

To start to use and apply the Humanity Grid to yourself people need to be only interested in changing their lives, very keen in doing extraordinary miracles, become limitless and infinite, willing to achieve immortality and eternity and interested to explore and secure the cause, meaning, intelligence, power, wisdom and potential of human beings

By exercising the full cycles of Humanity Grid techniques and formulas as below humanity can achieve total liberation and enlightenment


  • It means it is a tool to bring reconciliation, acceptance and respect to all of humanity

  • Gratitude, forgiveness, grateful, cooperation and coordination will take you to harmonize our body function, serve others, to avoid survival mode, realize your dream and create abundance


  • It means you are the architect and owner of your choice, decision and life

  • Becoming fearless, worthiness, powerful, independent, courageous and confident will take you to abundance, healthy life, fulfillment and achieve your vision and purpose


  • It means it is a technique to use your maximum energy to your purpose and the good of humanity

  • Focus, observation, consciousness, awareness, silence and imagination will take you to unseen realities, vision, dream, purpose and territories


  • It means it is an instrument to bring a lasting peace and love to the whole universe

  • Unconditional and non-stop love, happiness, abundance, compassion, kindness and serving others will lead you to reconcile, live in harmony with all living and non-living things and harness a new life


  • It means it is an instrument to make everything in order

  • Uninterrupted patience, repetition, studying, remembering, memorizing, imagination, perspective, formulation and new configuration and programming will take you to a new level of intelligence, wisdom and invention


  • It means the beginning of everything

  • By having unshakable faith, trust, confidence, dependence and belief on GOD or ALLAH or other supernatural power and HG packages will take you to the highest state of security, protection, stability, sustainability, unwavering commitment, guarantee, guidance, insurance and watcher


  • It means it is a path to bring all of living and non-living things under the same harmony and synchronization

  • Becoming energy and wave will take you to connect and exchange any kind of energy instantly whether it is intelligence, wisdom, food, water, animals, plants and any other living and non-living things


  • It means it is a tool to embrace the future right now on your hands

  • Passion, elevated emotion, heat, experience, act, become, fulfill, live, fulfillment and behave will take you to instantly gain your purpose, vision, dream, goals, objectives and mission of any kind


  • It means it is the ultimate and end of everything

  • Connection to the quantum field or GOD or ALLAH or other supernatural power’s spirit (in a state of no body, no time, nothing, nowhere and no one) will take you to change patterns instantly and connect with any kind of wealth, happiness, job, peacefulness, abundance, love, kindness, fulfilment and enlightenment

  • Because of our thinking, feeling and choice and subsequent existence of the above situations and daily happenings every second people will be subject to:

    • Deaccelerate ageing

    • Frequent wellbeing

    • Free from diseases

    • Forever young

    • No mental disease

    • Peace and cooperation

    • Richness and wealth

    • No adverse disaster

    • Maxime health and wellbeing

    • Accelerate growth and economy

    • Stability and security

    • Fulfilled dreams in all walks of life

    • No victimization

    • Become abundant

    • Wellness

    • Normality

    • Continuous hope

    • Efficiency and effectiveness

    • Become infinite intelligent

    • Equality

    • Graceful

    • Health sleep

    • Mercy and reconciliation

    • Maximized immune system

    • Success in all fronts

    • Fulfilled potential and output

    • Continuous comfort

    • Accelerated life and living

    • Meaningful belief, science, research & innovation

    • Upgraded customer service

    • Free from corruption

    • Free from abuses, fraud, criminal activity and wrong doings

    • Full of security, privacy and stability

    • Maximize transparency, accountability and ownership

    • High productivity and prosperity

    • Fulfilled institution and businesses

    • Good governance

    • Maximize independence and genuine institution

    • Full of fairness, trust, truth, ethics and morale

    • Maximized relationships, engagements and lives

    • Cooperation, coordination and unity

    • Free from suicidal tendencies

    • Lack of Disorder, Self-injuring, etc

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