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behind the scenes at beyond

we are beyond any specific product or service or solutions providers

Our aim is to fundamentally change the years, decades, centuries and beyond millennia long purposely designed programs, strategies, models, systems, frameworks, foundations, principles, purposes and ideologies by a new brand of innovative Hulunfechi branded framework and model that is based on the principle of not just selling of the usual direct products, services, goods and items (which is in its entirety the lowest, unelevated, addictive, prisoning, poisoning, killing, controlling and false levels and forms of the Hulunfechi branded framework dimension, reality and consciousness) rather for the selling of endless lists of causes, meanings, attachments, attractions, engagements, purposes, priorities, interests, needs, requirements, reasons and humanity’s desires of the highest, pure, authentic, genuine, blessed, elevated, significant and true levels and forms of Hulunfechi branded dimension, reality and consciousness 

we stick to the big picture

The big picture, vision and purpose is included in the Hulunfechi formulations it is from the fact that in one hand without the guidance, guardian and roadmap of the vision, mission and purpose clear definition and understanding of one company it would be almost impossible for one business or company to come out as a success


We Love To Explore and continue to innovate

Hulunfechi has assigned and dedicated a department and research team of expertise across Hulunfechi  vital purposes, principles, causes and beyond to continue to come up everyday with the highest potential purpose, vision, mission, picture, cause, goal, objective, insight, path, contribution, impact, priorities, set of standards, impact and contributions. 


nothing stop and distract us

The years, decades and beyond centuries long systematically and purposely designed and set definitions, narrations and understandings that contradict more than hundreds of right causes and true foundations re vision, mission, purpose and related principles greatly undermine and block the journey for more insight and fact


we continue to create and avail new innovations and findings

Hulunfechi shall use its highest purpose and innovation hub platform for the utmost definition, formulation, functioning and fulfillment of its vision, mission, purpose, meaning, cause, goal, objective, impact and other principles. Besides it will use its highest purpose and innovation enabler platform to make sure all the activities, operations and executions underlined under the purpose department effectively succeed its set standards and bars.


Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Hulunfech’s purpose, vision and cause is destined to fundamentally change years, decades and beyond centuries long purposely designed company and businesses’ purpose and cause traditions and norms only confined to very temporary and insignificant gains to a new norm and foundation of purpose, vision and priority that include vital aspects of people, humanity, businesses, firms and stakeholders’ activation and elevation to the highest, permanent and genuine knowledge, wisdom, innovation, fairness, ethics, morale, justice, independence, authenticity, integrity, happiness, love, respect, gratitude, democracy, equality, success, freedom, unity, diversity, wealth, resource, perspective, imagination, recognition, acknowledgement, thought, feeling, action, courage and other related principles, models, strategies, systems, ideologies and programs


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Engineer Misrak Molla

Founder and CEO of Hulunfechi

shukri kassim

Partner of Hulunfechi

Emebet Teshome

Personal Advisor to the CEO

EC Yohannes

Personal Advisor to the CEO

Tesfalem Kidane

Chief Operating Officer

Industry and system director

Biruk Gebru

creative media & art director

Dawit Tadesse

More than 25 Hulunfechi on Demand experts

At various specialization areas

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